Leading DLT service provider.

We are a Dutch based DLT service provider aiming to provide the most reliable and secure data on-chain. Our team is working around the clock to help the web3 ecosystem evolve. We have played a major role in creating the first hybrid infrastructure that combines official Chainlink Price Feeds with a custom-built Chainlink DON. We have also taken an active role in contributing to the Chainlink ecosystem by creating custom DONs that leverage the Chainlink Network.



A node operator you can trust. Math based contractual guarantees.

We host chainlink nodes on different chains to bring real-time trustful data on-chain

  • Our nodes have been stress tested to run 10 jobs per second.
  • Here to help you to get your project chainlinked.
  • Broad assortiment of API'S to choose from.


is the best choice for your node operator requests

Never be fearful of getting attacked by flash-loans. We are here to fulfill your needs.

Aggregated API prices, median and average, available on all networks.
Premium API price aggregation.
Choose any API you like.